Feb. 21, 2021

Knjs 287: Keda Birthday Bash 2/19/21

Knjs 287: Keda Birthday Bash  2/19/21

Keda Birthday Bash episode was split up into two …

Keda Birthday Bash episode was split up into two episodes on this part Keda and Jay are joined by Rob Base from the Wrestling Court Podcast. They discuss: Keda Unprepared, Vince McMahon is horrible, Creepy men in Wrestling, Macho Man Rap album, Undertaker shouldn’t talk, Who is creeper Vince or Hulk Hogan? Rob meeting Hulk Hogan, Keda service actually works, Bianca Belair face expressions, Fire and Hire Keda defends the LA knight named, My hole hurt Two type of racism, Vince McMahon was a wrestler? Keda watch two matches, Jim Ross needs less TV time, Wrestlers age and the locker room, Bad Bunny, No structure on this episode Aew women’s tournament, Keda turn 21 and than 30 in this episode, Pandemic, Time goes fast, Aew and so much more!! Recording 2/19/21 Check us out, every Friday night at 6p ET for live shows! http://mixlr.com/kedanjayshow/ New episodes comes out Friday’s or Saturday’s for download. Want to hear more of Kedanjayshow? Check us out on patreon for new episodes biweekly Tuesdays. Donate at.. https://www.patreon.com/rss/KedaNJayshow?auth=dznBcDCmCEAEG_9IlMY7jUnz3QEjQq1p or email us kedanjayconnection@gmail.com Get all Kedanjayshow merch at KedaNJayShow | Teespring KEDA N JAY SHOW | StoreFrontier™ Our links: https://linktr.ee/KEDANJAYSHOW